Upcoming Webinar | How Hospitality & Retail Hiring Can Happen Anywhere

Kayleigh Bateman
Kayleigh Bateman Smartian
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In today’s connected world, flexible hiring is a necessity. 🌎 Add on the high volume nature of the Hospitality and Retail industries and the need to hire at any time and any place is crucial.

Join our experts on March 28th 2024 at 8 AM PST/3 PM GMT as we explore how to leverage TA tech to hire wherever you are. We’ll discuss:

  • Proven strategies from our world class hospitality and retail customers.
  • Advancements in TA tech and integrations that make hiring a breeze.
  • How to both personalize the Candidate experience and simplify the Store/Regional Manager experience.

Click this link to save your seat!🪑